Becoming a Counsel General

Becoming a Counsel General is a long term commitment and a challenge full of obstacles. Working in-house or becoming a legal advisor of a firm – whatever you choose, takes beforehand planning and experienced as well as improved transactional abilities.

If you are interested and want to promote growth in your legal career by becoming a counsel general, look for amazing job offers in the industry and be updated about developments. Improve your legal knowledge and authority, update your business skills and choose your career wisely. Narrow down your research and decide on fewer choices.

The Job Scenario

In today’s competition in the business market, if you want to be a counsel general, you must have excellent business skills and legal knowledge. You should have clear understanding of the company you will be working with and the industry which it is serving. Besides these, you must have many strong personal traits and qualifications needed to stay strong willed to pursue this post.

General counsels have to be armed with so many qualities as companies are expecting much more from them the job position of the legal counsel has improved tremendously over the last ten years, counsel generals get very well paid and competition is at its peak.

Now, general counsellor position job has shifted to business type partnership job from being simply a legal advisor’s job. Today, a legal counsel is responsible for many more aspects of the firm he/he is in partnership with like crisis management, financial management and legal understanding and taking care of the company’s position in the market.

Most business companies want their legal advisor to be their advisor in legal matters and solve their practical legal problems for the growth of the business. It’s a mutual benefit exchange offer.


To become a general counsel, you must have 5 to 8 years of experience in a private law firm. After this you can take up a position in-house or work hard to level up in the legal industry to become a counsel general. It’s a very tough job. Transactional experience is a necessity plus you can and should gain some experience in litigation and employment law.

You must have a great business oriented mind set. Even if you don’t have to be educated in business formally, it’s always great if you are.

If you do not have a business degree, get one. Get educated in basic business skills and procedures. Develop a good business sense and the tricks of the trade. Communication, leadership, organizational and management skills are unsaid necessities.

You can’t think of jobs of such profiles without these qualities. You must have an extended understanding and a clear idea about a large variety of legal matters like finance, property, employment and corporate governance and commercial matters like compliance, contracts and employment and intellectual property.

You should be able to manage disposals, mergers and acquisitions properly. You have to know how to manage with whatever is available. This is the most important task of a counsel general.

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